I suffered with acne and breakouts for more than a decade, until I decided to look deeper into why this was happening. 

My passion for health goes back to high school when I was a competitive runner on track and cross country when I first understood the relationship between food and performance.

Unfortunately, my obsession with high-intensity workouts and not enough nourishment caught up with me in college, where I slowly started to feel my body and health spiral down. After receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in Foods and Nutrition, my health challenges were such longtime symptoms that they were becoming “normal”.

The irony was I was becoming a health professional, yet at the time I still didn’t understand the real issue with my own health, nor the extent of what was going on.

It had been three years since my last menstrual cycle, my face was breaking out uncontrollably, my weight was creeping up steadily

I had severe digestive distress, and I was constantly cold (even in warm weather). I was lost for solutions and the only answer I was receiving from my doctors was antibiotics and birth control. Needless to say I was frustrated. With a background in science and the relentless mind of a scientist, I was determined to understand what was going on in my body to help myself recover and regain my health.

I decided to explore other healthcare systems, cultures, and therapies. I traveled and explored other countries; it was at this time where I became enlightened to the fact that nutrition plays a LARGE role in every symptom and condition that exists, and is not a one size fits all model.

It was after years of education, self-research, testing, experimenting with an array of different nutrition plans, supplements, and topical solutions that I finally understood what the root cause of my acne was.

Acne is devasting and can take a toll on your confidence, and how you live your life.

The experience and journey I have been on for my personal health has sparked my passion to pursue and specialize in skin health so I have the opportunity to help others find a solution to their needs.

No one tells you there’s more to it than just your skincare routine. I’m grateful for what I’ve gone through and that my body visually gave me the motivation to make me understand what it needed. I’m hoping the information I provide can return hope to others going through a similar journey.