Gain Control and Get Rid of Painful Periods Naturally!
April 27, 2016

Gain Control and Get Rid of Painful Periods Naturally

Gain Control and Get Rid of Painful Periods Naturally!

Do you experience painful periods? Bloating, cramping, weight gain, water retention, low energy…you know the gig. Whether you’re currently fighting this monthly battle or have in the past, knowing how naturally control painful periods, and even eliminating PMS symptoms can be the best information a girl can know.

Health Revolution Radio

From time to time I have the privilege of being a guest speaker on Health Revolution Radio.  It’s ran by an amazing physician here in the San Francisco bay area, Dr. Peter Abaci, author of a wonderful book, “Take Charge of Your Chronic Pain: The Latest Research, cutting- Edge Tools, and Alternatives for Feeling Better.

Getting Rid of Painful Periods and PMS

This specific show is all about PMS and what you can do to take control of it naturally, from what not to eat, supplements and herbs that can be helpful, and lifestyle changes to make. Make sure to share this with your female friends and loved ones who may benefit from this information.
Side Note: I talk about the importance of Magnesium a lot in this episode. This one here is the one I personally use and suggest to clients. It’s a specific type of Magnesium that does not create loose stools like many other cheap version, such as magnesium citrate. If you’re having strong cravings and find that your blood sugar is struggling to stabilize, this here is one of the most effective formulas I’ve seen work wonders on women to help balance blood sugar, cut sweets and get more energy, and not just during their cycle!
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