Skin Icing: Natural Anti-Aging Skin Technique (heals acne too!)
October 18, 2015


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Skin icing

Growing up as a runner, I remember very clearly when I would train in the winter through rain, hail and even storms. Although this was painful, not to mention super uncomfortable, the one thing I would always look forward to was how my skin looked upon completion. I know this sounds crazy, but when you grow up having acne (even into your adult life), the moments that your skin looks great you truly cherish.
Why was it that this specific situation caused me to love the aftermath? It just so happens that running in the bitterly cold temperatures worked very well to decongest and help clear up my skin, as that was the only part of my body that was fully exposed to the chilly breeze.
The great news I’ve discovered since then is that skin icing can be used anytime to hugely benefit your skin clarity and tone and even reduce the signs of aging!

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