The Secret to Keeping Your Homemade Beauty Products Fresh and Long Lasting!
June 21, 2017

Have you ever attempted to create homemade beauty products, whether that be face cream, a toner, or a mask, only to have it last a couple days and then start smelling funky, perhaps even growing weird fur babies?
Using the right type of storage containers can make all the difference in the longevity of your homemade beauty products. Until recently I used any container, usually glass, but even then I still noticed that my homemade beauty products wouldn’t last very long before I had to make a new batch for fear of bacteria growing or oils oxidizing from the exposure to air and light. Thankfully, a few months ago I received a surprisingly pleasant email from a company who specializes in high performance storage containers that are meant to extend the life of your product.

Infinity Jars

I came to find out that Infinity Jars are a line of high performance storage containers that can be used for multiple products, including cooking ingredients, dried herbs, tea, coffee, cosmetics, nuts, oils…pretty much anything that can lose quality, potency and flavor over time.

How do Infinity Jars differ from other glass jars?

It’s the science behind these jars that is fascinating (at least if you’re a nerd like me). The special glass material used can actually slow down the decaying process and preserve the freshness of whatever you put inside them. Infinity jars are made from thicker and more durable glass than your standard jars, making them smell-proof, 100% airtight due to the glass on glass lid seal, and protective against harmful UV light that can oxidize oils. Also known as violet glass, this material was used as a preservation method thousands of years ago by the ancient Egyptians to store their valuable oils, herbs and healing products. There is also record of alchemists during the middle ages using violet glass for it’s benefits of preservation. As industrialization advanced and new ways to preserve food with packaging and preservatives emerged, violet glass became less heard of.
homemade beauty products

What the Tests Show:

7 Month Tomato Test

In a lab test between Infinity Jars, and a clear glass jar equivalent, a tomato was placed in both and left for 7 months. The clear glass had mold and microbiological growth while Infinity Jars’ tomato showed no signs of drying out and no loss of color. Imagine the difference it can make for preserving your beauty products- naturally!
homemade beauty products

2 Month Chive Test

This  lab test compared the difference in storage of chives in the Infinity Jar ultraviolet screw top jar, an amber screw top jar, and a clear glass jar. The Infinity Jar was the only one that kept the chives green and fresh. According to the Infinity jars website, “Chives are among the most fragile and easily perishable herbs you can find at a grocery store. Much like your lotions, essential oils and other products, improper protection against visible light, as seen in the amber and clear glass, will lead to a fast decomposition and degradation.”

Why I’m switching to Infinity Jars for my homemade beauty products

I have been experimenting with these jars for a couple months now, making a batch of my DIY vitamin C face serum and also storing my beloved facial oils in them. The result? I’m addicted. I not only noticed a difference in the longevity of my vitamin C serum, but I could smell that the natural aromas from the plant oils had not faded as I am use to experiencing. I also tried them out on my tea collection, as loose leaf tea is extremely fragile and susceptible to losing it’s freshness. To make it fair, I bought fresh new tea and immediately transfer’d it into the Screw Top Glass Jars for two months (although you can also use my favorite style, the Apothecary Jar). I definitely noticed a difference in the crispness of the tea and the potency of the smell that retained.
Before I go on, please be rest assured that I do NOT and will NOT promote anything on my site that I don’t believe in 100% and have personally tried.
I use to have to go to my refrigerator every time I needed my face cream or face oils, morning and evening, as I wanted to ensure they stayed preserved, but now I am able to keep my products in the bathroom cabinet like a normal person. I had no idea how much I missed the convenience. It’s the little things 🙂
I normally would never recommend making large batches of serums, creams and toners and have them sit out, although using Infinity Jars , this may help to preserve the longevity of your products, giving you more time and a piece of mind when it comes to your DIY beauty. Remember, these jars don’t have to be for just lotions and oils, use them in the kitchen to preserve food as well! Check out Infinity jars and all their styles, sizes and uses here:

Got questions, comments? Have you tried violet glass as storage or a way to preserve? I would love to hear from you and your experience!  Post below!

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